Upcoming Fallen Flag Motorcar Excursions



  1. July 12, Wednesday: Plan A: afternoon registration & Set-on

  2. July 13, Thursday: Plan A: early morning departure, Frazier or beyond turn. Plan B: Morning Set-on, afternoon departure,  Frazier turn

  3. July 14, Friday: 7am departure, Lake Bennett turn

  4. July 15, Saturday: Day off with Shop Tour (rest, work on cars as needed)

  5. July 16, Sunday: 7am departure, Carcross turn (135 mile round trip)

  6. July 17, Monday: 7am departure, Frazier or Lake Bennett turn & Set-off

Run Fee $750, send deposit of $375 with registration.

Approx. 315+ miles over 4 days of operating.

You must be a member of NARCOA, have current NARCOA Insurance, passed the Rules Test, and been mentored.  Experienced narrow gauge operators ONLY, with experience on Durange & Silverton, Cumbres & Toltec, or White Pass & Yukon RRs, except by prior approval. Email me to discuss.  Proven cars only.   All NARCOA rules will apply.  No two-cycle single cylinder belt cars for this excursion. AA belt cars cars by prior approval only. RR requires we be able to maintain 25mph track speed.  A mobile VHF radio capable of transmitting & receiving all three NARCOA frequencies required. Hand held radios are less than adequate, except as backup. There is a 15 car limit.   Safety vests/shirts, long pants and over-the-ankle work boots are mandatory. Chock chains required. Details in Registration Form.

Please make your deposit check for $375 payable to:  Fallen Flag Excursions LLC  c/o Bernie Leadon, 408 Wexford Court, Franklin, TN 37069. Phone 615-478-3660. No refunds after March 1, 2017, unless we can fill spot from waiting list. Those on Wait List who do not get a confirmed spot will be refunded deposit prior to excursion dates.

More excursion details will be emailed back to you upon receipt of your $375 deposit check and registration.

Excursion Coordinator: Bernie Leadon


  1. July 12-17, 2017; White Pass & Yukon RR - Narrow Gauge (3 foot gauge)